FAQ Fashion Project Models

Fashion Project Season4 FAQ

  • What is Fashion Project? Fashion Project is a modelling competition where models present their unique style and personality. It is a social project that aims to connect people, help achieve individual’s personal goals and boost one’s confidence.
  • When and where is the event? February 28 Sunday Huzzard Studios 10-14 Pier Street Perth. 
  • What is Fashion Project mission? Promote diverse modelling and break the stereo-type thinking that modelling is only for tall, young and slim. Fashion Project is for everyone promoting inclusivity. 
  • What are the requirements? There are no height, no size, no gender, no experience and no status required. However models under 18 needs would need to have a parent consent when joining. 
  • What are the models expected to do? Models will be expected to walk the runway doing their best to showcase the garments.
  • What are the segments on this runway? There are 3 segments. 1. Casual Wear  – T shirt from Models and Pageant with jeans model has to provide. 2. Designer/ Brand Wear – outfit provided by designers/ brand if available. 3.Evening Wear – preferably long dress for female and suit for male.
  • What is the registration fee for model? Registration fee is $150 for models. 
  • What is the registration fee for? Registration fee is to cover some of the expenses for the event such as venue hire, photography, prizes, etc.
  • What outfits will be required from models? Models are required to provide their own jeans and an evening dress (preferably long for female or suit for male) that they would model on the stage. Designers will provide one outfit for the model however if nothing fits from their collection model has to provide their own cocktail wear or smart casual.
  • Is it possible for the designers/brand to provide more than one garment to model? Yes it’s possible for designers/ brand to provide more than one garment to models.
  • Who are the Designers/ Brand showcasing in this project? Designers/ Brand will be announced soon. 
  • What are the winning titles for models? Fashion Project winning titles are Fashion Project Top Model and some minor Awards such as Best in Catwalk,  Most Stylish, etc. 
  • What are the winning prizes? The winning prizes (which not everyone would receive obviously) are combination of cash, products/ services, sashes/ crown/ tiara  (depending on availability). 
  • What is Model Referral Program?
    Model Referral Program is where we put you in the books and refer you if suitable when modelling job arises. Models and Pageant are being approach by photographers/ businesses and international pageant organisers. Some of them are paid modelling jobs and most of them have different standards and requirements. We refer candidates who are suitable for the title but subject to their approval. Budget also depends on the hirer and are sometimes based on the model’s experience. 
  • What are the criteria for model judging? The criteria for judging is how the models would present themselves on the stage and on the photoshoot. Most importantly their behaviour during and when participating in the event plays a big role.
  • What are the Terms and Conditions when entering Fashion Project? Terms and conditions thru this link Terms and Conditions 
  • Are there rehearsals prior to the event? There is a general rehearsal for everyone participating in the event. so even if you go not have an experience you will be taught what to do on stage. To advance your skill a one-on-one or group coaching is optional for a fee and confirmed booking is required.
  • How much is the guest ticket? Guest ticket is $35 each.
  • Do you accept sponsors? Definitely by becoming a sponsor business get exposures thru the events we do and promotion on social media. Sponsors are also welcome to choose one model who would be ambassador for their brand or services.  
  • Can I recommend sponsors? Yes you can definitely refer sponsors. You can get 25% commission for monetary sponsorship. Let them contact us by email about the packages available for sponsorship. Or go thru this link for info https://modelsandpageant.org/become-a-sponsor/
  • Who do I contact for more information about the event? Email modelsandpageant@gmail.com or call 0427005888
  • Where do I find out more about Models and Pageant? You can find out more on Instagram.com/modelsandpageant also on FB and on modelsandpageant.org