FAQ Miss Western Australia

-What is Miss Western Australia? A WA based state pageant of stunning women from Western Australia with the purpose of promoting an advocacy, supporting charity or raising awareness  in the society.

Who is it open to? All women kids, teens and adults who has advocacy, supporting charity and who wants to stand-up for what they believe. 

Are there any height, size, status, experience, cultural background and other requirements? There are no size, no height, no experience, no status requirements. Women who are married or not, with or without children of any cultural background are welcome. The only requirement is your willingness. 

Do I need to be an Australian Citizen to apply for this pageant? Not necessarily as long as you are a resident of Western Australia.

What if I’m holding a passport from different country? If you’re holding a passport from another country you can either represent Australia or your background country for International pageant if applicable. Travelling is subject to covid easing up and if it’s permitted here in Australia or host country. 

When and where it will be held? The event night would be on the 3rd of September. There would be 3 Sundays rehearsals for this pageant prior to the coronation night. 

What will happen on these dates? Not on particular order on these dates would be Orientation, IntroductionPageant sisters/team, Head shot, Practice, short video. Rehearsal for the Finale, Production/ Intro, Casual Wear/ National Costume, Evening Wear, Q&A and coronation. All these schedule are subject to change. 

Is there a registration fee? A registration fee of $195 is required to join this pageant 

Is the registration fee refundable? It is refundable if you have not availed any of the services such as photoshoot, promotion, practice or rehearsals. If you have to work out how much individual services cost it is way more than the registration fee you paid for. Check out our fees and services https://modelsandpageant.org/services-fees/

I do not have experience in joining a pageant how would I know what to do on stage? No experience is necessary in joining. Basic training and rehearsal of what you will do on the stage will be provided

Will there be extra training required? Extra training is optional but highly recommended so you can polish your confidence when you talk, walk, style and present yourself during the competition. Training also helps you achieve your personal goals and build your self-esteem. Services and fees can be found on Models and Pageant website https://modelsandpageant.org/services-fees/

What if I am a title holder of another pageant? If you’re holding a title of another pageant it is OK for you to join Miss Western Australia. You may have to ask permission from your pageant organiser or National Director  if you’re under a contract.

What will I get if I win Miss/Mrs Western Australia? As the main winner you will get the title Miss Western Australia with sash, crown, products and services. And if applicable travel referral to international pageant.

How much money will I get if I win? Since this a non-profit event the amount really depends on how much money generated from selling tickets and donation from sponsors. So basically as a contestant you can help promote the pageant.

What can I do to help promote the pageant? You can post more about the pageant on your own social media, hashtags Miss Western Australia, story in your timeline, tell your friends and family, sell tickets to people you know.

What if I win what are the duties I need to fulfil? As a winner your main duty is to protect the image of the title Miss Western Australia. This means behaving in a manner that you will be respected, respect people from all walks of life, stay modest, humble and promote humanity. Basically taking the advice of your National Director as it is in the best interest of the title you are holding. 

What will happen if I fail to do these duties? If you fail to do these duties your title Miss Western Australia will be revoked and you maybe asked to pay for all the services provided to you and return all the gifts, prizes, sash and crown. An announcement will be made, passing the title to the 1st available runner-up.

What if I win as a runner-up? Runner up also get crown, sash, title and may represent Australia in another International pageant if the main winner cannot go and perform her duties.  She may also be picked to represent Australia (or her background country) in another International pageant but some relevant fees may apply.

What is advocacy? A particular cause that a candidate may speak on behalf of and may  support.

What are examples of advocacy? Examples of advocacy are non-profit organisation that works to help women in domestic abuse, standing up for people who have been bullied, children’s rights & protection, saving the planet, humanitarian cause and more.

Will there be Question and Answer portion on the stage? To help with judging basic  questions will be ask on stage. These questions and answers will be rehearsed anyway. It is mainly getting to know you as a candidate. No opinion is right or wrong. You will get the points as to how confidently you would answer in front of the audience.

Will there be a talent portion required? There will be no talent portion required however any candidate who is willing to perform their talent on the night are more than welcome to. It is encouraged to  build your stage performance.

What are the dress requirements for this pageant? You would be required to wear a 1. Black T-shirt & jeans 2. Cocktail  dress which is a knee length  3. Evening dress preferably long.

Do I need to buy a pageant shoes? Not necessarily you can use whatever heels you are comfortable to walk on. But if you’re preparing for International pageant it is advisable for you to have one now. You can purchase pageant shoes from Marc De Fang website or you can order thru Models and Pageant directly. Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping.

What are the process to be part of this pageant? First fill  up the application form & submit online including your registration fee. Second organise your promotional shoot. Third organise your promotional video talking about your advocacy or cause you are supporting. Fourth attend a practice or the final rehearsal before the event. Fifth ready all your dresses for the event.

What will the candidates do in the stage? Candidates will walk one by one on the stage with a music background while the emcee talk about their advocacy if applicable.

 How many segments there would be? There would be 3 segments 1st casual dress, 2nd cocktail dress and 3rd evening dress. There would be entertainment in between so candidates will have enough time to change their outfit.

What are the criterias for judging? Criterias for judging are based on your confidence on stage such as how you walk, talk and project. Your behaviour and treatment towards fellow  contestants, organiser and other people involved in the event plays a big part in the result of the winning. Winning in the pageantry is not just about physical looks.

What if the event gets cancelled or rescheduled? Models registration fee is non-refundable once services such as photography, training, coaching and others items has been availed. Tickets purchased can still be used on the rescheduled event and it can only be refunded on cancellation of the event but not on rescheduled event.

With the current Covid restrictions in place how is the winner going overseas? We will closely monitor the advice from State & Federal government as to when we are safe to fly out of the country. The validity of sending a winning candidate as Australian representative is one year. So if we can’t send you this year we will send you the following year.

What if I have anymore questions and clarifications to make? Contact Models and Pageant on mobile 0427005888 or email modelsandpageant@gmail.com