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Finally we did it! The 4th season of the Fashion Project was held in February 28th at the Huzzard Studios. Models of different cultural background such as Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Nicaragua, Philippines, Ukraine and Australia have showcased pieces of Perth’s skillful designers on the runway.

We are ever grateful to South Metropolitan TAFE Bently that some of their fashion graduates have supported this project. These talented designers who had some of their collection worn by our models were;

Michael from Ctrl Alt Delete Clothing. Ctrl Alt Del creates a sense of nostalgia through a brutalist lens for the future. Sci-fi themes inspire engineered prints, combined with precision-construction and atypical shapes to create a new world of fashion. Striving for high quality to provide a sense of luxury to all. Those who wear Ctrl Alt Del feel empowered and unstoppable. His outfits were worn by Manu, Meredith, Smiley, Lola and Rattana.

Marcela Molina – inspired but the picture of Dorian Gray a character from the book of Oscar Wilde in 1890. As the main character to achieve immortality and incomparable beauty he sold his soul to the devil. Without fear he started living his life without fear and no limits. Marcela’s range is a representation of freedom and achievement of beauty without fear of degradation. Christopher, Nidhi and Lisbeth showcased her garments.

Poppy Stevenson from By Poppy. A mixture of luxury resort wear, evening wear and a little hint of street style. She fell in love with the vibrant colours and delicate textures of the elm, pink and golden oyster mushroom. By Poppy has reinterpreted the century old technique, “Fortuny” pleating. This involves rows and rows of tiny hand stitching that gather and hold the pleats in place. It creates a gorgeous, organic pleat that stretches and moulds really beautifully to the body. It also means that a lot of their designs can be minimal and zero waste, embracing a unique and identifiable style in a more conscious and intentional way. Her collection were modelled by Leisha, Steph, Rain, Esther and Atheena.

Nasreen Qasemi from NQ The Label. Modest clothing for women and a zero waste designer. Her pattern-making process utilises all pieces of fabric that interlock together like a jigsaw puzzle so that no fabric is thrown away during the production. Her garment was worn by Kristina Turner.

The other designer who were featured and dress modelled by our Top Model winner is Laurelia Design. This piece is a dream dress, Arm puff top and tutu frill shorts in mulberry velvet and soft bridal tulle. Both pieces are inspired by ballet and the tutu. Matching with a pearl string handle tulle tutu bag.

The winner Milanija is a 9-year old Australian girl with Ukrainian background who showed confidence, determination and a fearless attitude on the stage that beat all the models above her age.

These photos were taken by Ian Teh and JKAD Photography for Models and Pageant.

The 2nd Top Model winner is Cristina Elliot. A matured Filipino woman in the group of multicultural younger generation showing her spirited, confident and taking any challenge attitude. She is 59, yes she nailed it and she won. She was also awarded as the Most Confident Model on that night.
On that night during the designer segment she was wearing a dress from Riza Brightman.

The 3rd Top Model is Miki a male Indian background in his early 20’s. He appears to be professional when it comes to photo session. Ensuring he has spare clothes to change and a well done makeup making the photographers life easier. During the rehearsals I do not have to direct Miki of what poses and projection he would do on the stage. He already possess those skills. Even the styling and carrying of clothes in the runway. These points had made him be awarded as the Most Fashionable model on that night. He showcase a garment by Sushii Magar whose collection was inspired by mens urban uptight and fitted workwear. Urban meaning cities, a place where it is stereotyped to be tall buildings and roads, where all employed workers go to work. She created something which is a complete opposite to this. A garment which someone would feel comfortable but still have that chic feel to it.

Leisha is the 3rd Runner-Up for the Fashion Project and got the title Best in Catwalk. She showcased By Poppy that night on the runway. I cannot wait for this girl to be part of an international pageant.

Minor Award with sash, tiara and gift goes to the following models;
Christopher – Most Versatile
Athena – Most Attractive
Milanija – Rising Star
Lisbeth – Best in Stage Performance
Kristina – Best in Designer Wear

Special Award with gift and sash goes to;
Esther – Most Improved
Miki – Most Fashionable
Meredith – Most Stylish
Rattana – Best in Poise
Lola – Best in Projection

Special Mention Award with gift goes to;
Manu – Most Distinguished
Steph – Most Admirable
Rain – Most Photogenic
Nidhi – Role Model
Smiley – Most Aspiring Model

In first segment of the show the models were asked to pair the Fashion Project T-shirt with any type of clothing and accessories they like. Here are some shots of the models in their casual wear.

Here are the models in their own evening wear. Looking so lovely and stunning.

On the night we also get to showcase a brand Flight Dreams® a local brand from Perth and an Australian based street and activewear clothing company with a focus on creators and athletes. Its mission is to provide programs and platforms that can assist young creators and athletes in the pursuit of their dreamsThe garments were showcased by some of their teams and some models from MAP such as Emilio, Thelma, Maggie, Kian and Kate. This is probably one of the highlight of the show as the crowd cheered on.

We are also privileged to have Mistar Eagle performed at the Fashion Project. He is a Perth based hip hop artist who has worked with many famous African artist.

The other VIP guest we had on the night was Francis Chua who is the World Boxing Association (WBA) Interim Oceania Super Featherweight title holder. He was invited to present a special award to The Most Confident Model who happens to be his mum Christina Elliot.

While awaiting the results for the Fashion Project winner we gave some prizes to the audience. The raffled items were courtesy of Models and Pageant apart from the champagne on arrival and packet of snacks to all the guests. We were also please to see Miss Charity Australia 2020 in the crowd. We get her to pick a ticket for the raffle and of course we get her to talk about her cause.

I would also like to thank the 3 judges who worked so hard on that night; Chloe Sanders – Miss Grand Sea International 2019, Thelma Zhoya – Miss Western Australia 2020 and. Miss Maggie Meyer – Miss Western Australia Runner Up.

I am also grateful to the following people for their support and contribution in coming up with this project.
Kian and Kate as emcees with me. Steve Italiano, Tony Nguyen, Brad Kenwald de Regla, JKAD Photography , Nitoy Chan from PETAWA, Bianca Kuhnert, Roni Nelson, Donna Aguado, Christopher Gerken, Chloe Pearce, Chris Huzzard of Huzzard Studios, Banza alias Mistar Eagle, Leonard Alto from Alt Restchowrant a Filipino restaurant located at Shop 15 Victoria Park Centre Mall  and Kuel from Flight Dreams official.

Overall it was a great night and another successful show. We can’t wait to bring the next one. Fashion Project Season 5. Yes coming soon…

If you’re keen to apply as a model register here https://modelsandpageant.org/fashion-project-application/

Interested in becoming a sponsor details thru this link https://modelsandpageant.org/become-a-sponsor/

Much love and wishing all the best in life – Edelcita – Director of Models and Pageant

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  • Fashion Project is a platform for emerging or established models and designers in WA to showcase their creativity. It is also a modelling competition where models present their unique style and personality. It is a social project that aims to connect people, help achieve individual’s personal goals and boost one’s confidence. The 1st Fashion Project started in December 2018. 

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