Miss Planet International 2019

What happened at Miss Planet International

Miss Planet lnternational Coronation 

It’s been over a month since the first Miss Planet International was held. The coronation night was held on the 2nd of March 2019 at Koh Pich Theatre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The city so rich in its own culture and full of hospitable people hosted the first ever International pageant with representatives of girls from around the world. Together they come to support the mission of Planet Conservation. Miss Planet International promotes humanity within the society and community. 

During their stay the girls have been to different galas escorted by the local police. 

Press Conference and welcome dinner for the delegates were held on the 23rd of February at the TK Motor Cafe


On this day presentation and introduction of each girls were also done. The girls look so stunning in their casual white shirt and jeans. This is the very first time they wear the Miss Planet International gold sashes with the official logo stating the country where they came from.

February 24, 2019 Candidates had their White Gala Dinner at Memoire Palace in Siem Reap. They were welcomed and blessed with the Khmer cultural dance. The girls showed their catwalk skills and paraded in their cocktail dress. Local paparazzis were on them.


Prior to this night they also had a sumptuous lunch at the Muslim Family Kitchen in Siem Reap

They also took part in planting trees for the future generations.

25th of February 2019 the girls had traveled to the most iconic and biggest temple. A UNESCO heritage listed temple visited by most of the celebrities, significant people and tourists from all over the world. They were dressed in the traditional Cambodian outfit. All looking so lovely and royal.


They also brought their own culture from back home by wearing their national costumes. Photographed at the Angkor Wat.

Next day they also visited Sambor Prey Kuk which is the archeological site in Sambo Village amidst sub-tropical forest.

They were treated to a wonderful lunch at  the Kim Seng Restaurant.


Next after this they visited the Angkor Hospital for Children.

On their last night in Siem Reap the girls went out clubbing at Pub Street. They dance the night away the the Temple Club enjoying the music, food and drinks. Thanks to the security team of Miss Planet International organisation. Lots of people are trying to get too close to them to have their photos taken. The night ran smoothly with no dramas only good times.


Back to Phnom Penh. It was a long and tiring travel. The girls arrived around 9pm and still had to rehearse for the next day preliminary.  It was fun yet tiring. The girls were willing to give their best. Their participation and dedication were incredible.

The following day there were early morning photoshoot for each girls in their evening gown and swimwear. It took all day and all afternoon to get this done. Yet they still have to rehearse for the evening preliminary competition. I admired the way they still smiled, poised and participated. Although I can see most of them are tired.

On this night 29th of February 2019 at the Bellevue Services Apartment the girls paraded in their swimwear and evening gown. This night judges were Miss Halley Amin – President of Miss Planet International, Barbara Vitorelli – Miss Global 2017 and Alejandra Santamarta – Miss International 2008.

An amazing team of HMUA artists did all the candidates hair and makeup. Everyone looked gorgeous and photographic ready.

Right after this night the girls were off to dinner at Sam Too Restaurant. What a night.

The girls had a full day rehearsal on the venue the next morning. This included how they would walk in the stage, the sequence of performances, the photos and videos being played on the screen, awarding ceremony and all things related to the actual night. It was a bit intense as some of the production crew had miscommunications over the music, videos to play, how they would walk. Hats off to everyone involved. It ain’t easy pulling off a big show. Rehearsal was hot, long and it takes endurance and big patience. I can see some people were not happy but it’s all part of it. Nothing is perfect even if it has flaws as long as the audience can’t see them that’s all it matters.

Alas the final night. The night everyone is waiting for. World Final Miss Planet International who were my favourites. Here they are. But I guess I have no significance in the result of the competition. I’m just an National Director for Australia and Philippines. I just came there to support my candidates and the pageant.

Koh Pich Theatre at the Diamond Island was packed. It was a very big stage attended by sponsors, public and media. It was covered by a local TV network CTN. Everyone are dressed formally and looking so elegant. I was lucky to have seated at the front and took a few snaps of the girls. I was talking at some of the sponsors and locals who were present among the night. There were comments about the show being held so professional and amazing.

These are some of the amazing national costumes worn by the candidates. I wasn’t able capture them all but you can check on the social media of Miss Planet International for more photos.

https://videopress.com/embed/8SJWV8yH?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0Here’s a short clip of the girls in their swimwear. I love seeing the bevy of beauties from around the world. Each of them were unique in their own way. All beautiful and proud to be there.

https://videopress.com/embed/OGyfS9QG?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0These are the girls on Top 16 which includes Australia, Philippines, Kenya, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Paraguay, South Africa, India, Brazil, Cambodia, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Korea, Portugal and Vietnam.

Based on the Preluminary nights, girls presentation and behaviour. Girls were brought down to 6 finalists. And here they are. From left to right. Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, me as National Director, Thailand and Paraguay.

The winner of Miss Planet International is Monique Best – Miss South Africa. Congratulations! A well deserved Queen. The first Queen of Miss Planet International.

Miss Africa – Queen, Miss Thailand- First Runner Up, Miss Malaysia – 2nd Runner Up, Miss Paraguay – 3rd Runner Up, Miss Philippines – 4th Runner Up, Miss Russia – 5th Runner Up.


*Credit photos and videos to Miss Planet International and Models And Pageant.