Miss Western Australia 2021 – The Search is On

Miss Western Australia 2020 Thelma Zhoya


The latest pageantry in Perth and this time not only for Miss but also for Missus. Open to all advocate women. Models and Pageant is looking for a woman who would promote what they believe in, support a charity, raise awareness of the issue in the society, and who stand up for people’s rights.

An ultimate experience that will make Australians (or their background country) proud as we refer the winner to represent the country in an International beauty pageant. ( International travel depends on when the covid situation has eased up. Also if the host country is accepting international arrivals as well as in the condition that Australians are permitted to travel and come back without having to quarantine).

There is no height, no size required for this competition. Models and Pageant promotes diversity and inclusivity therefore it is open to all women who wants to give it a go. Whether she is married or not, with or without children, with or without experience, of any cultural background. At least 17 or 50+ years of age. The only requirement is her willingness.

These days there are so many issues in the society like anxiety, mental health, bullying, domestic violence and so on. We need someone who would bring awareness and address the issue. It is so easy to be disconnected from the society when we are facing with one of these problems.

Models and Pageant aim for Miss/Mrs Western Australia is to be the ambassador of bringing people together, build one’s self-esteem, help individual achieve their personal goal and tackle the problems.

Miss Western Australia 2021 is a once in lifetime opportunity. It is an annual pageant where there is only one winner. The winner of this pageant will hold the beauty title forever. 

When would it be? August 8, 2021 TBC

Applicants can register thru https://modelsandpageant.org/miss-mrs-western-australia/ 

More useful information can be found here Frequently Asked Question link.