Fashion Project S1

Fashion Project Season One Success




Two months of preparations: October and November. It must have been magic or some fairy must have used their magic wand to make this project happen.

On September 1, 2019 after getting my license from Miss Planet International to run Miss Planet Australia I had to come up with a project that supports its mission of planet conservation and humanity. I thought about creating something that anyone would participate without having the stereo typed requirements. Models, fashion show, competition … maybe.

Fashion Project is a social project by Miss Planet Australia. It’s purpose is to promote harmony and planet conservation in the society. To be able to demonstrate that we encourage everyone to be in sync with the society, boost their confidence by helping them get out of their comfort zone and trying out new things. We accept models from different walks of life with no age, size, height and gender requirements.

Everyone is welcome regardless of colour or creed.  Through this platform we help to showcase their own individual style and to be a role model to society. To break the stereotype thinking that a “cover magazine” look is required. We help them connect with people and make new friends. Most importantly, to help out in the community especially to the people in need.

I collaborated with a local designer and gown maker here in Perth. She dressed most of the models in their evening wear  and showcased her collection. Femia Nastasi creates bespoke gowns custom created to fit the female models.

This is a social project that anyone from the community can participate. To make them feel special I decided to give all applicants a free photoshoot. It allows me to promote them and in return they get a copy to add to their portfolio. This exposure for them is vital in such a competitive industry where first appearances can be a deal breaker. My aim is to showcase the individual’s inner beauty and spirit. I want you to be the BEST YOU that YOU can be!

I was overwhelmed with applications, people from all walks of life. I had students, working holidayers, new residents, stylists, film makers, retail staff, musicians, dancers, gardeners, food and beverage staff, fast food crew, boy bands, kitchen helpers, models, former pageant contestants, pageant title holders, transgenders, swimmers, nurses, bar staff, housewives, drivers… Basically the full spectrum of society.

I was privileged to see how multicultural Australia is with Filipinos, Chinese, African, Colombian, Italian, Thai, Indian, Russia, Zambian, Iranian and Malaysian people.  I completely believe in embracing multiculturalism.  Therefore everyone is welcome in this competition.

I am very pleased that they all work well together in harmony. I see many friendships develop amongst these contestants.

Almost all of them have had experience  fashion modelling before. So I asked my dear friend Lorry to teach those that want it some catwalk training. These training sessions are free for the models. It is rewarding to see people with zero experience to graduate to another level. I saw many people were committed. If you think catwalk is easy then you’re mistaken.

Catwalk is not just about walking. It’s about the timing, pose, poise, pace, facial expression, eyes where to look at, your head must not be looking down, how you stand, how you would smile, how you would look at the audience, how you would stop for the camera and how your posture would be. All these things must be taken into consideration. I must say with their dedication they have picked up a lot and the improvement was amazing!

By the way this was Miss Planet Australia’s first event and first fashion show. Almost 150 people attended the show. We did really well. All 26 candidates gave it their very best. The audience were really happy with the show. A lot of people have congratulated me personally and thru Messenger for the success of the show. It was a fun, lively, stylish environment.

Big thank you to the following sponsors, individuals, organisations, volunteers, judges, friends, candidates and guests who made this Fashion Project social project possible.

Cloud Nine Dry Cleaner
Smart Homes for Living
Pasawai Basketball Association
Russel Rodgers
Adam Barnes
Gian Francisco
Marielle Estanislao
Nick Gleeson
Femia Nastasi
Solution Skin Fitness beauty Salon
Fortune Villanueva
Dino Hira
Geraldine Colley of LipSense
Marian Berege of GalwayMan
Lorry McKinzie
Hero Autoworks
The Nifty Lippy
Allysa Agulto
Beatrice Belarmino
Ocean Spice Cafe
Dale Laput
Alvin Beriber
Zeus Belgica
Enrico Navarrete
Ronnie Caindoc
Pablo Pobre
Paz Pobre
Dante Marribay
Nitoy Chan
Chit Gabunia
Sholeh Gomes
Angelita Jokno
Milan Trophy Studios
Dianne of Cannington Leisureplex
💋National Director of Miss Planet Australia💋


Top Model – Emaline Ho


Best in Catwalk – Marielle Dacillo


International Top Model – Chloe Sanders


Best in Urban Wear – Cassidy


Best in Beachwear – Emaline Ho


Best in Cocktail – Emaline Ho


Best in Evening Wear – Cathy Tapia


People’s Choice – Marielle Dacillo


Ambassador – Marielle Dacillo


Photogenic Award – Cathy Tapia


Congeniality Award – Cassidy


SPECIAL AWARDS for combination efforts on their volunteering, promotional videos, behaviour, participation and post sharing about the project.
Will Hayes


Zowie Young

Kate Kalugina


Rain Ramos

Charlene Bolo


Certificate of Participation was also awarded to every candidate for competing and completing the training. We ask acknowledge the sponsors, supporters and volunteers.


They say do not underestimate what the rest of the year can bring. This is quite an achievement for the models and Miss Planet Australia team.

Let me tell you Fashion Project is coming back! Fashion Project Season 2 is now open for applications. Send your expression of interest to