T and C’s Model Referral Program

Terms and Conditions for Model Referral Program.

I, ____________________________________ (Participant’s Full Name) affirm that;

Good Moral. I will continue to be a person of good moral character and have not done anything that would shame myself, Models and Pageant,  all of its participants, representatives, collaborators, organisers, clients, sponsors and/or licensees.

Schedule. I agree to be on time for all scheduled bookings either TFP or paid. In the event of illness, I may be excused from attending but a valid explanation is required. Any absences from required job will not get paid.

Rules. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the client and Models and Pageant. I agree by not following the aforementioned I may be required to pay all the services provided to me in full.

Services and Fees. I agree to pay Models and Pageant when I book their services such as photoshoot, workshop, training, coaching and other services I require. I agree that the applicable registration fee is non-refundable once the said services has been availed

Insurance. I as a Participant model is responsible for any applicable insurance when accepting the job or being in an event such as travel insurance, health insurance, personal insurance, and other relevant insurance that may cover myself during the event. Models and Pageant, collaborating organisers and client will not be held responsible for any of these insurances.

Expenses. I as Participant model is responsible for all or some of the expenses when joining Models and Pageant. These applicable expenses may be registration fees, gowns, costumes, airfare, accompanying person’s accommodation, tours, training, workshop, personal expenses and other things related to the event not covered and shouldered by Models and Pageant, its organisers, collaborators and client.

Advertising or Promotion. I as Participant model give the consent to be promoted by Models and Pageant, its organisers, collaborators and client where I might be in the social media, tv, newspaper or other publications. I understand that sometimes as part of promotion I may be contracted to work as  collaborator, not get cash payment and only get services/products in return. If being contracted for promotional work and if applicable when getting monetary prize while I am still in contract with Models and Pageant I agree to pay the 30% commission to Models and Pageant.

Photography and Video. I agree that I may be taken photographs or videos for promotional purposes. I understand that some of the sponsors are donating their services to Models and Pageant. They can not control how the photos and videos will be used by their collaborators or by other people who can see it. I understand that these services and time is in exchange for them to use them in building their portfolio and for their promotion. I agree with the provider’s terms and conditions. I understand that sometimes they may not be able to ask permission or inform me when or where the photos and videos will be used.

Personal Fundraising. If applicable I am responsible for my own fundraising for my personal needs. I understand that I can fundraise for my personal expenses that would need in joining Models and Pageant as long as I would not use the fundraising for charity purposes. As Participant model I would need to obtain a permit if fundraising for charity purposes.

Charity Fundraising. I agree that before fundraising for charitable purposes I must seek permission from the charitable organisation and from Models and Pageant. I understand that a letter of request can be obtained from Models and Pageant and relevant charitable organisation.

Advertising Sponsor. I understand that I may seek sponsorship if applicable from businesses to advertise their business to be featured by Models and Pageant. This is to help fund my needs before or during the event. I agree that 30% of the monetary received for marketing the business or services of the advertising sponsors must be paid to Models and Pageant.

Personal Sponsor. I understand that I may seek a sponsor or fundraise to fund all applicable expenses such as gown, photoshoot, training, coaching, airfare, accommodation and all related expenses for the pageant. I agree that 70% of the monetary donations received from my personal sponsor will go to me. I agree that 30% of this donation goes to Models and Pageant for using “Models and Pageant” name in fundraising for personal purposes. This would also help cover the cost of running the event. I understand that if I do fundraise and not use the name of Models and Pageant and someone is paying for all my expenses, there is no need to donate the 30% to Models and Pageant. I agree if this is the case, that business or person will not be acknowledged by Models and Pageant. I understand that the sponsor will be only be acknowledged if they choose to become an advertising sponsor.

Volunteer. I as Participant of Models and Pageant agree that I will help the community when needed by volunteering to any non-profit or charitable organisations seeking volunteers. I understand that I may also volunteer for Models and Pageant events, also in community like the local church, senior community centre, and many other places where help is needed. This can be in my local area or anywhere in Australia. This is to help build my portfolio in taking part in giving to the community. I understand that this is the main purpose of this organisation. Apart from my behaviour, appearance and personal presentation. I may be recommended or referred by the organiser on how I did with the social and community project.

Information. I understand that all information collected by Models and Pageant is to be used only in relation to the job or event I am assigned to. I agree that I must not disclosed any of the confidential information regarding Models and Pageant, its participants, sponsors, suppliers, client or anyone involved.  I understand that these information collected from applicants are essential for job or event and will not be available to the public unless it is otherwise required and authorised by law.

Safety. I agree that I need to ensure that I will put safety first whenever I am on the job, participating in the event, rehearsal, training, workshop, practice, fundraising and other things related to the job I am assigned to. I agree that I will not put myself at risk. I as Participant agree not to fall for temptation and I would trust my gut feeling. When I feel something is wrong I would not do it or I would speak to someone in charge about it. I agree that I will let the person I trust know where I am going and my whereabouts.

Issues & Disagreement. I as Participant  agree that if I have an issue or disagreement with anything relating to the job assigned to me or event held by Models and Pageant, its sponsors, its staff, other participants and other people involved in the event and organisation I will address it to Models and Pageant directly to solve the matter before consulting with outside parties. Spreading information damaging Models and Pageant,  its organisers, collaborators, sponsors, clients and other Participants is in breach of Terms and Conditions. Breach of this may result in payment of all the services provided.

Conduct. I agree to conduct myself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the job or event of Models and Pageant. I as Participant will not slander Models and Pageant, other Participants, judges, pageant staff, organisers, client or anyone else involved with or connected to the pageant. I understand that defamatory verbal and/or written remarks, including all forms of social media, against aforementioned will result in immediate termination, referral and recommendation. This may also result in possible legal charges. I also agree that any breach of conduct will result in full payment of  all the services provided to me.

Affirmation. I affirm that I possess and met all the requirements that I applied for and the information I provided in the application are true and correct. I as a Participant model understand that false declarations in the application could lead to disqualification and possible payment for the services provided to me. Upon submitting my application written or online means I have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions stated herein.