FAQ Model Referral Program

What is a Model Referral Program? Model Referral Program helps you connect with brands, businesses, photographers and other creatives that require models for promoting their brand.

What is the aim of this program? The aim of this program is to help models build their portfolio.

What is TFP? TFP means Trade for Prints or Time for Prints where you don’t get monetary payment but in return as compensation you usually get digital copies of photos from the supplier or even some of their products and services.

What’s the the advantage of TFP? TFP are advantageous especially if you do not have a background in modelling. As this gives you more experience leading to a wider connection and paid work.

Who can apply for Model Referral Program? Models and Pageant promotes diversity and inclusivity therefore this application is open to everyone regardless of their experience, age and status.

What do I need to do to apply for Model Referral Program? Fill up an online registration form and submit high quality professional photos through email.

What happens after I put my application? Once done we can start putting your profile in the books so for referrals.

What if I do not have high quality professional photos? If you don’t have professional photos you can book a photoshoot with Models and Pageant. A fee of $150 is required where you get copies of high quality photos that you can use in your portfolio. Payment can be made thru PayPal modelsandpageant@gmail.com or thru direct transfer to Account Name: Models and Pageant BSB-063097 Acct# 3440 8828

Does this application guarantees paid work? Application does not guarantee paid work as the clients have different requirements. We can do our best to promote and refer you to the clients but we are not part of the selection process and their payment.

Do I get famous and get discovered after putting my application? Once again we can promote you and refer you but Models and Pageant does not guarantee your application to become famous, become a celebrity or become a high paid model.

When I accept the paid job who will pay me?  you will get the payment from the people hiring you.

Do I negotiate my pay to the hiring photographer/brand/business? They all have different budget but it’s OK to ask.

How do I find the rate? They will let us know and you will be notified.

What else do I need to know? Model Referral Program please read our Terms and Conditions