Model Referral Program T and C’s

Terms and Conditions Model Referral Program 


I understand that by registering at the Model Referral Program I am not in a lock-in contract with Models and Pageant. Therefore I am only to do the role and abide the conditions on a one-off job assigned to me.

Under Legal Age

I understand that any talent under 18 years of age who wish to be in the Model Referral Program must do the registration with a parent or legal guardian.

Good Moral and Conduct

As a Models and Pageant’s talent I will be a person of good moral character and have not done nor would not do anything that would shame myself, Models and Pageant, hiring creatives and/or businesses. I agree to conduct myself in a courteous, professional manner when doing the assigned job at all times . 


I agree to be on time and arrive at least 10 minutes earlier for all scheduled photoshoot, video-shoot, workshop, event or other job assigned to me. In the event of illness or emergency it is my responsibility to contact Models and Pageant the soonest possible in order to find a replacement. 


I agree to follow the instructions and abide all the rules and regulations of the job assigned to me. I understand by not following the aforementioned will affect my payment and I may not be referred for other or similar jobs. 


It is my responsibility to appear decent, clean with good hygiene and presentable when appearing to do the job. This includes the right makeup, hairstyle, clean manicured nails and decent clothing or clothing required of me. 


I as a talent give the consent to be promoted by Models and Pageant, its hiring creatives or businesses where I might be in the social media, tv, newspaper or other publications. 

Use of photos and videos

I agree that I may be taken photographs or videos for promotional purposes and for social media. Once these photos or videos were viewed Models and Pageant may not be able to know where it would land and may not be able to control the vastness of its audience reach and how the audience would use it.


Since it is a one-off payment I understand that the pay varies depending on the hiring creatives or businesses. I will get paid thru the bank details I provided after the job is done.


I agree that I need to ensure that I will put safety first whenever I am going to do the  job. I am more than welcome to bring someone I can trust to make me feel safe.  I as a talent agree not to fall for temptation and I would trust my gut feeling. When I feel something is wrong I would not do it or I would speak to someone in charge about it. I agree that I will let the person I trust know where I am going and my whereabouts and will not put myself at risk

Contact Details

When contact details of the hiring creatives or businesses are provided to me I will only used them in relation to the job I am instructed to do.


I will not make any negotiation to the hiring creatives or businesses for payment and to secure another job. If the hiring creatives or businesses has told me to do or come back for another job it is my responsibility to inform Models and Pageant. Without the knowledge of Models and Pageant I would be responsible for my own safety.

Information and Privacy

I as a talent will not divulge any private information nor spread wrong and false information that might affect the reputation of Models and Pageant, hiring creatives or businesses.

Issues and Disagreement

As a talent I agree that if I have an issue or disagreement with Models and Pageant or anything relating to the job assigned to me I will address it directly to Models and Pageant to solve the matter before consulting with outside parties. Taking issues on a legal matter can be very costly and time consuming.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

I understand that if I breached any of the Terms and Conditions and this may lead to legal action against me, claims for damages and may be very costly in a law court. 


I agree to indemnify Models and Pageant, its hiring creatives or businesses from any liability, damages, and fees whatsoever, arising from the job assigned to me. I will accept full responsibility for my actions. 

Upon submitting my registration it means that I have read, understood and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions stated herein.

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